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Whether you want to sleep in a tent, a hotel or a luxury apartment, we have the contacts.

Our extensive knowledge of and experience in this industry enable us to cater to your every need. We get our rates direct from the supplier which gives us the most up to date and competitive pricing..... we then pass this pricing straight onto you.

                 Budget Accommodation                                                                                         

Backpackers Accommodation :
This is a very competitive market in New Zealand. Because of this, the hostels are all very clean, modern and are not afraid to compete for your patronage, with added incentives and bonuses. BoyzWeekend have relationships with ALL the top Backpacker Hostels around the country.
Rooms range from 8 or 10 bed 'cattle class' dorms, to more personal 4 bed dorms, to single & double rooms with their own bathrooms.

After all, you are just going there to sleep     Prices range from $30 - $55

                 Motel Accommodation   

Motel Accommodation :
A little more personal than a hostel, there is a wide range of options available. This all depends on if you are wanting go for the higher end of the motel market or looking to upgrade to a little more privacy and individual features that a backpackers hostel.

A little more privacy and facilities      Prices range from $45 - $75

                 Apartment Accommodation   

Apartment Accommodation :
Apartment accommodation ranges from a simple, no frills apartment, with simple cooking facilities, in a comfortable environment, to the finest luxury setting with the most spectacular views and facilities.
For those with the budget, we recommend a Penthouse Apartment which is used as the main meeting, eating & socialising area, and some more modest apartments which sole purpose is a warm comfortable bed.

Widest range of options.... from simple to luxury     Prices range from $65 - $120

                 Hotel Accommodation   

Hotel Accommodation :
We all love a good Hotel.... there is no greater feeling than getting back from a hard night of partying and ordering a veritable feast from room service, for you and your roomie.
Often with excellent facilities and rooming options, not to be scoffed at if you want to get away from the main group for a few fleeting hours.

The best option if you want some privacy     Prices range from $80 - $120

                 Lodge Accommodation   

Lodge Accommodation :
This is the cream della cream of the accommodation market.... always set in idyllic, and generally in stunning locations, the saying 'you get what you pay for' has never been more true.
These establishments are for the discerning stag group who are used to the finer things in life. Exquisite food, exhiliarating activities and the finest accommodation money can buy.... need we say more?

Perfect when cost is not a factor    

Prices range from $300 - $1200


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