Stag Do, Bachelor Party, Bucks Night & Bull's Paties Drinking Games

Main Games

Bottle Cap Jinga

How to Play: Take turns stacking beer bottle caps on top of the empty beer bottle one at a time. You can put the beer bottle cap whatever way you want....face up or down. If the pile of beer bottle caps ends up falling on your turn you need to take a drink.

The Stag Game

How to Play: Select a stag to start the game by raising both hands to imitate antlers on their head. The players to the immediate left and right of the stag should raise their nearest hand to form one antler each. All three players should waggle their antlers until the stag raises his hands and points at another player, thereby passing the job of being the stag. The new stag and two adjacent players must assume the position immediately. Players failing to raise or drop their hands as soon as the role of the stag has changed must drink.

The Number Game

How to Play: The chairman thinks of a number between 1 and 100 and secretly notes it on paper (example: the number is 36). The aim of the game is for all players to avoid guessing that number, as they will have to take a drink as a penalty. The first player calls out a number between 1 and 100 e.g. 40. The chairman then offers the next player a number between 1 and 40. The next person then calls out a number e.g. 25. It is then narrowed down to a number between 25 and 40. This continues until someone picks ‘36’.

Red or White?

How to Play: Let’s say the dice are red and white, for example. Before you start you designate one color as the drinking color (in this case we’ll say red is the drinking color) If the red die beats the yellow the person to the left of you drinks the amount you rolled on the red die. If you roll double odds the person on the right of you drinks sum of the doubles.

The Story Game

How to Play: Somebody picks a letter of the alphabet to start with. The first person has to start out a story with the first letter of their sentence being the letter that was picked to start with. It then keeps going to the next person who has to carry on the story starting with the last letter of the previous sentence. If a person takes more than five seconds they must take a drink. Watch at story grow throughout the group and be sure to make it funny.

The Name Game

How to Play: The game revolves around people thinking of related names. Whilst they are thinking they must keep drinking, stopping only when they answer correctly. Everybody needs to sit in a circle, the first player will say someone’s name e.g. Peter Smith and the person sitting on their left needs to respond with a name beginning with the first letter of the previous surname e.g. Sarah Cooper. Names can’t be repeated and if a player can’t think of an answer immedi¬≠ately, they must drink until they can answer.

A or B

This is a drinking game played by voting in a group. Whoever is in the minority receives the drinking penalty.
Taking it in turns each person asks a question and gives two possible answers. Examples of typical questions could be:

  • Which do you prefer: Lemonade or Coke?
  • Where would you rather live: Australia or South Africa?
  • Who would you rather shag? Angelina Jolie or J-Lo?

Everyone has time to decide which option they will vote for. Then, when everyone is ready, the person who asked the question gives their answer, raising their hand at the same time. Whoever agrees with this answer also raises their hands. The votes are counted and the players who are in the minority of opinion in the group drink two fingers of their drink.
If everyone in the group all votes for the same answer as the person asking the question (so there is no minority), then the person asking the question drinks two fingers.
If the number of players in the group is an even amount and an equal number vote for each option, then everyone drinks two fingers. Play then continues with the next person asking a question.
This is a game of honour and players should stick to the answer they have decided upon without being influenced by how others vote.

Beer Pong

For this drinking game you will need one table, 12 small cups or glasses, a ping pong ball and lots of your favourite drink.
Arrange 6 cups at each end of the table in a triangle. Half fill each of the cups with the chosen drink. Players sit at opposite ends of the table behind the array of cups.
Players take it in turns to try to bounce the ping pong ball into the oponents cups. When the ball is successfully landed in the cup, the opponent (i.e. the person at the same end of the table as the cup) must drink the contents of the cup.
Play can continue using different drinks.


For this game you need a small coin, a table you don't mind getting a few small dents in (perhaps use a bread board instead) and a glass.
Pour two fingers of the penalty drink in the glass. Place the glass on the table, or several centimeters away from the bread board.
Each player takes it in turns to try to bounce the coin off the table into the shot glass. Depending on what happens you do the following:

  • If you miss completely, it's the next persons turn
  • If you get it in, you can nominate someone to drink the contents of the glass. You then get another turn.
  • If the coin bounces off the glass without going in, one of the other players may 'challenge' you. During a 'challenge' the contents of the glass are doubled and you try to bounce the coin again. If you miss you drink the penalty; if you get it in the challenger drinks.
  • If you get the coin in the glass three times in a row you can make a new rule that all players must obey (e.g. no swearing, you are only allowed to call people by their surname, etc.)

Finger It

A quick-fire drinking game with everyone sat in a circle and the last person in has to drink.
Everyone places one finger around the rim of a glass placed in the middle of the table. Going around the circle, each player takes it in turns to call out a prediction for how many fingers will be left on the glass when everyone has moved their finger, or not. Just as the number is called out, everyone must then either leave their finger on the glass or take it away. This must happen quickly, without any time for thought. The number of fingers left on the glass are counted, and if the person calling the number has guessed correctly, they are out of the game and safe from drinking. If not, that player stays in, everyone puts their fingers back on the glass, and the next person round calls a number.
The game continues around the circle until only one person is left. They have lost the game and must down their drink.

The Drug Dealer

Quite a simple game actually, with a low-mid boot factor.
This is a game to play while doing other things at a party. To play the game you need one playing card for each participant. You always need one King and one Ace, and a variety of numbered cards; some low, some mid, some high, but just one card per player.
The cards are dealt face down-- take a quick peek. The person who gets the King is the cop, the person who gets the ace is the drug dealer and everyone else are bystanders.
It is the drug dealer’s job to very, VERY discreetly wink at another player. This person will eventually say, "the deal has been made". At this time, the cop identifies him/herself and tries to figure out who the dealer is. The cop chooses a player; if wrong the cop drinks the number shown on the card and then chooses
again. If wrong again, he drinks the number on that card. When the cop chooses correctly, the drug dealer drinks the NUMBER OF CARDS remaining, NOT the total of the numbers on the cards. After that, the cards are re-dealt and the game goes on.
This is a great game when people don't feel like playing a game because it's the regular socializing that helps disguise any winks and keeps the cop on his/her toes. However, it helps a lot if the players do sit in a circle while playing and not spread around a room. Obviously if you want to increase the boot factor, play with high numbered cards.

Down The River

All you need is a deck of cards and a lot of beer. There is no limit to the number of people that can play. Each player gets four cards face up. Then one by one, the dealer turns over a card starting with "take a drink"-- meaning, if you have the card that turns up, you have to take a drink. This continues until "take four"-- then it goes to give four drinks. If you have the card that turns up, you can make someone else take four drinks, go down to one, then back up until someone quits or is too drunk. One other rule is, if a card is turned over and you have two of the same card in your pile, you double the number of drinks you have to take or give away.

Side Games

These drinking games can be played at the same time as the Main Games listed above.

Grenade Master
At the start of any game, a Grenade Master is selected.
At any point in the course of a game, the Grenade Master can shout "Grenade!". All other players must hurry to take cover by getting under the table. The last person to do so loses and must down their drink (or other suitable punishment).
This person then becomes the next Grenade Master.

I Am Spartacus
At any time of any game, any player can choose to stand up and say "I Am Spartacus", and raise their glass before downing their drink. After which, all other players must stand up, raise their glasses, say "I Am Spartacus" and also down their drinks.

International Drinking Rules
These are rules that are often used alongside other games. They must be observed at players and at all times. Some of the common ones are listed here:

  • Nobody can point their finger. All 'pointing' must be done using the elbow and a bent-back arm
  • Players must never be referred to by their first names - only by surnames or nicknames
  • No swearing is allowed
  • The word 'drink' cannot be used as a verb; 'consume' or 'imbibe' are common replacements
  • The little finger should not rest on the glass/bottle/drinking vessel when it is being drunk from. This is referred to as "No pinky on the drinky"
  • The right hand should be used to drink if the time is anything between the hour and half past the hour (i.e. the minute hand is on the right side of a watch); the left hand should be used to drink if the time is anything between half past the hour and the hour (i.e. the minute hand is on the left side of a watch)
  • If you buy a bottle and the seam of the glass runs through the centre of the front label, whoever bottle it is must down the bottle
  • 'Live by the sword; die by the sword' - if you are one of these people who wants to make sure everyone drinks the full quota of their penalties, then make sure you do the same when it comes to your turn!

Is He Finnish?
This is a chant to be shouted whilst someone is downing their drink.
Someone calls out, for example, "Is he Spanish?" and everyone else replies "No!" if the drink hasn't been finished yet. This continues, using any nationality the caller chooses, until the person downing their drink is finishing. At this point, the caller shouts "Is he Finnish?" and everyone responds "Yes!"

Master Of Ceremonies
Before starting any games, three people are nominated to have special roles. These are:

  • Master Of Ceremonies - this person is in charge of the games. They choose all games to be played and have the ultimate say on all decisions relating to the games.
  • Big Snake - the Master Of Ceremonies right hand man
  • Weights and Measures - this person decides the amounts of all drinking penalties.

The rules every player must adhere to are:

  • In order to talk to the Master Of Ceremonies, a player must first declare to Big Snake that they wish to address the Master Of Ceremonies. Big Snake must inform the Master Of Ceremonies that the person wishes to talk to them, and the Master Of Ceremonies may then decide whether or not the discussion can occur.
  • No player may leave the table or drinking area for any reason without first obtaining permission from the Master Of Ceremonies
  • The drinking penalty amount decided upon by Weights and Measures must be adhered to, or further punishment may be given.

Question Master
At the start of any game, a Question Master is elected.
Whilst another game is being played, the Question Master can at any time ask another person a question.
If that person answers the question, they must drink two fingers.
However, that person can 'block' the Question Master with the response "Is that a question?". If this is said back to the Question Master, it is them that must drink the two fingers.
The role of the Question Master moves round the group every 10 minutes. 

Thumb Master
At the start of any game, a Thumb Master is elected.
This person can, at any time during whatever game is being played, place either of his/her thumbs on the edge of the table. All the other players must copy the person by placing their same thumb on the table as well. The last person to do this loses. The penalty is to down their drink.
The loser then takes over as Thumb Master. Whatever game was being played continues. The Thumb Master can then strike again at any time!

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