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Survival Training Challenge Package

   Survival Adventure Challenge Package

This package includes the following: 3 Hr Survival Training Adventure Challenge, Cook your own BBQ (afternoon).

At the BoyzWeekend Survival Training Stag Do, we provide high quality wilderness bush craft survival challenges that are fun and achievable to all team members. Our Stag Do event is 3 hours. Teams will learn core survival skills that not only might save their life, but undoubtedly help bond mates. In true survival style, team members must work together, communicate, negotiate, problem solve, and manage time to complete challenges. Activities include; navigation (GPS), shelter building, fire lighting using a bow & drill, water transfer, bush tucker fear factor challenge, game processing, ration pack cook off, target shooting using Airsoft pistols and more.

The course will take place at an expedition style camp situated in beautiful private farmland and native bush with no public access. 
Dress throughout the adventure is appropriate outdoor clothing and comfortable closed footwear.

You are welcome to BYO alcohol... this is STRICTLY for consumption after the Survival training only. Please inform us of this at time of booking.

This survival training adventure also includes a 'Cook your own' afternoon BBQ. The tucker is supplied as part of this package... you just have to cook it. This helps to keep costs down.
Includes 100% Beef, Lamb & Pork Sausages, Scotch Filet Steak & Marinated Pork Spare Ribs, + Bread, Buns, Onions & Sauces.

Please note: Water and snacks are also provided during your survival training.

Price based on 15 people - Group size can vary.     $165 pp

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