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Rotorua Stag Party Package - Monster 4x4 Thrill Ride or Raceline Karting or 4WD Bush Safari & Restaurant Meal.

Meet the monster. It’s huge. It’s loud. It roars with V6 Power. Hold on tight for the ultimate thrill ride!
Your helmet and protective gear are on. Your driver has strapped you in securely. High up on the Monster 4X4’s back you feel your adrenaline begin to pump. With a roar and utilising its massive suspension, it accelerates into the bush and tears up a steep track. The 4X4’s unique 4-wheel steering mechanism helps to power through New Zealand native bush, up and down near-vertical slopes tackling the ‘Widow Maker’ and the ‘Loggers Long Drop’. Your knuckles are white as trees brush past. It twists; it bucks; it swerves; it tilts – every part of your body will be holding on tight.

Experience the buzz and adrenaline of KartSport – in the driver’s seat!
Test your courage and driving ability like never before when you race New Zealand’s newest and longest KartSport circuit. Come karting and feel the anticipation as you suit up, pull on a helmet and prepare to go kart racing in our state-of-the-art, 4-stroke 390cc Sodi karts. Experience the sensation of ground rush as your kart reaches up to 100km/hour on the 150-metre straight.
Tyres squeal and G-forces pull as you take on hairpin corners, flowing curves and long straights that demand intense concentration and skill… while all around you, other competitors rival for your position. Karting in Rotorua and New Zealand has never been like this!

The ultimate 4WD adventure. Rugged and remote, the trail ahead disappears into thick native NZ forest. Prepare for a journey that is full of unknowns. Buckle in and share the driving in one of our 4WDs. Your professional guide, up ahead, gives you instructions while your heart is racing with anticipation. The terrain is like nothing you’ve encountered before and the challenges come thick and fast! As you traverse unbelievably steep climbs and descents; tight, twisting bends; deep, muddy holes; the 4WD rocks and pitches. Foliage brushes past… you come to a bridge of poles over a creek – how can you possibly get across that? And suddenly the luge: a six metre-high controlled slide down a near-vertical 80-degree slope. Adrenaline pumping, you try not to look down. Follow instructions and take a leap of faith!

Better still choose a combination of two or all three......

You are proudly served fresh New Zealand Beef. When was the last time you had that delightfully satisfying experience of enjoying a tender, juicy, steak - lovingly prepared, cooked to perfection and served with just the right jus...? Stop drooling and come eat. Sirlion Steak, Eggs & Chips.

Optional extras: Accommodation, Transport, Polynesian Spa Hot Pools, Gondola & Luge.
Prices may vary depending on numbers. We can cater to your group size.

Price based on 10 people - Group size can vary.    From $160 pp
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