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Creating an itinerary

To create your itinerary you will need to register. It's Free and quick! Click Join to register and get started.

You're now ready to create an itinerary of your favourate sporting events, entertainment, adventure activities, accommodation, stag night, and packages. Simply surf the sight by browsing through the Boyzweekend Catgories.

Choose a Subcatagory.

Where in New Zealand your weekend will be.

Find the desired activity and click the "Add" button to add the activity to your Shoppingcart.

You can view or remove added activities by clicking on the Checkout button.

You will now go through 3 steps
Step 1:
Once you are happy with your weekend itinerary click continue.

Step 2: You will then be asked if you want to create a new weekend or add these activities to an existing weekend.

Step 2a: Now you will create your new weekend. Adding all the info that will alow us to put together an accurate quote for you.

Step 3: You will be given a summary of your weekend details.

Managing your itinerary

Now it’s time to manage your itinerary. Firstly, you will need to invite your other mates who will be going on the weekend. Once they have logged in, they will be able to add, vote and comment on individual activities. It will soon become apparent what the most popular activities are. Please Note: You will need to remove the unwanted activities. Once these have been decided on, you as the account manager are the only one who can Confirm & Continue through to the Itinerary page.

You will now be given the option to put your activities in the order your group would like to partake in them. You will also have the opportunity to add incidentals you may not have thought of yet. Once you have confirmed this stage, you will receive an email confirming your chosen itinerary. We will get back to you within 48 (business) hrs with confirmed timing and pricing.

Payment options

We have a security encrypted Credit Card payment system on this site. You will be able to individually pay for your share of the weekend through your own account. We also accept payments via direct payment into our account.

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