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Why work with us?
BoyzWeekend is a brand new travel service concept in NZ. Being the new guys on the block and cornering a segment of the market rarely utilized we are always on the lookout for new suppliers and innovative products (in particular those suitable to groups). If you can provide our customers with an outstanding service or product then we will be interested in hearing from you.

How do I get on your books?
In the first instance it is probably best to drop us an email about the services you wish to offer. To enable us to sell your services it is imperative that we receive as much detailed information as possible on how your event will run. Any age & number restrictions, booking procedures, etc, will be useful.

Can I pay to get on your website?
No. We choose our suppliers based on quality you can not pay to be included in the website, just send us the details of you products and we will then review them for inclusion. However once you have been accepted as one of our suppliers you may purchase space in our deal of the week section. Ask us about this.

I sent you my details and you did not get back to me?
We receive emails from many potential suppliers each month and they will all be responded to eventually. Those providing quality information obviously jump to the top of the queue! In addition to detailed documentation, we will also require good quality images that should be emailed to us.

New suppliers contacts:
Phone:  021 223 9898       
Normal Office Hours:
9:00am - 5:00 Monday to Friday



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