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My best mate has asked me to be his Best Man!!!
I'm organising the Stag Do!!!! Where the hell do I start?

You’re the best man and you want to organise the stag weekend of a lifetime or you want to get a group together to go to the Wellington Sevens and do a spot of fishing while you are there.
You want to put on the show of a lifetime by way of the greatest weekend in living memory, well you’ve come to the right place. We have relationships with the best suppliers in the industry and we’re good at what we do (if we don’t mind saying).

So if you're interested in getting that little bit extra from your weekend / stag, pull up a chair, take notes and get ready to collect truck loads of praise.

Take a deep breath and start at the top
Before you get carried away with racing karts, paintball ambushes and lovely ladies getting jiggy with bottles of beer, you've got to get a whole lot of logistics, numbers and money together while working to a deadline.

The making of a quality stag weekend.

1. Book the stag party activities early.
2. Don’t wait for staggers to confirm.
3. Get the key stag members to agree on a budget.
4. Get them to show you the money, the earlier the better.
5. A kitty is a wonderful thing.
6. Beware of crap activities. There are loads of grim suppliers just waiting to rip you off.
7. Using an agent will take the stress out of organisation.
8. It will also eliminate the gamble of trying to find the best activities in any stag location in New Zealand
9. Some members of the public love stags. Some don’t..... Behave accordingly.
10. This stag do is your right as a red blooded male; you have a grand tradition to up hold. Don’t waste it!












So first, the earlier you book your Stag Party activities and accommodation the better your choices. Simple.

  • Get the date of the stag weekend, burn it on your skull and remember it no matter what. We reckon that between 3 and 4 months is enough time to sort out a great weekend / stag. If you've already left it later than this: do not jump of a cliff - we've been known to pull off miracles - give us a call, you never know.
  • There are a limited number of stag friendly hotels in each city centre and we've got allocations and great deals with all the best ones. So another advantage of booking early is securing accommodation in the city centre and being within spitting distance of the night life rather than out in the middle of nowhere forking out all your money on cabs, or donkeys as the case may be.
  • Send out emails to your potential Weekend / stag crew and put strict deadlines for responses. Then book with your definite numbers. It's about a billion times easier to add a few to your crew than wait and book a big group at late notice.

It's all very well to book early, but how do I book if I've no idea where I'm going?

  • Good point. This is why the smart people use agents. They've been there, done that and bought the t-shirt at so many locations and activities that they're pretty much walking Weekend do' encyclopedias. Want to know where to do the most extreme quad biking, how lap dancers compare between Tauranga and Temuka, or the best way to maximise your hard earned cash? BoyzWeekend will tell you.
  • We've also got mountains of feedback from people just like you so we know which activity combinations make the most legendary Weekend do’s. In many ways an agent takes the gamble out of your choice, we've been there so we'll give you the low down.
  • Now the best thing to remember is the whole point of a weekend / stag do is for the groom's best mates to gather round him before the most important day of his life. The point isn't to pressure those mates into a 3 day no expenses spared extravaganza.
  • So get key people closest friends for the weekend / stag himself and the guy who is deemed the most fun to decide how much money you're likely to have and how to make it stretch into the most fun possible. This will determine which locations will give you the best value for money.

So you've sorted dates and locations? Now get them to show you the money!

  • Now this is probably the worst part of the job but also the most important. Again give strict - and even punishable deadlines. The words pay up or die' written in HP sauce is also an effective way of rallying the funds.
  • Some of the more organised stag crews even set up a kitty for when they're out on the weekend. We like the sound of that. You'll like the sound if it too as it means that you'll never get stuck with a hundred dollar round no matter how pissed you get!

If you're heading overseas for your weekend / stag do, don't forget to take photocopies of your passport with you and even leave a photocopy in NZ. After all losing your passport is not like losing your keys. Go prepared.

You're a bunch of guys on a weekend / stag do, remember plenty of people and places love you but plenty hate you too!

  • We know it's difficult to believe but it's true. Some people just don't dig big groups of guys. So take our advice and spend your cash in places that welcome the vibe.
  • It's always a bad move to rock up to a club without VIP or guest list entry or at the very least pre-paid entry. A group of a dozen guys on a weekend / stag do without a booking is the best way to invite serious bouncer attitude. BoyzWeekend has great relationships with the hottest, most stag friendly clubs. Why take chances?
  • Always, always, always find out the dress code before heading out. If donning a collared shirt is all it takes to drink and dance the night away with your mates, then for the love of god just wear the friggin' shirt.

Choose your Activities like your friends:

  • Unfortunately not all activity centres were born equal. There are some places that offer high octane activities with wicked facilities in great locations. There are others that simply exist to rip off people just like you. We know, we've been on some grim activities that make watching Dancing With the Stars seem like a wild Saturday night. BoyzWeekend don't waste time sending people on rubbish activities we source the cream of the crop in every city and send you there.

And finally…..Choose your agent like you'd choose your future wife

  • Cheesy but true. When choosing the agent who will handle your weekend / stag do, you will want people who really care that you'll have the best possible time. You'll want to deal with people who'll listen to your needs and make valuable suggestions based on a wealth of experience.

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