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"Everything went off without a hitch. You will be pleased to hear that the Glebe were extremely happy with us. All the events went well, and the weather was perfect as well. The Whisky bar set up, while being last minute worked out perfectly. We smashed way past the $500 minimum there, so they would have been happy. I was pretty pleased with myself on this one. We were all in white shirts and wooden bow ties. We looked good, especially when passing other stag parties of the more usual nature. It also meant the bar was happy to be more lenient with us (we took over the music and were behind the bar). You guys have a pretty good reputation in Queenstown, and I think that because of that, the people there were more than happy to welcome us and look after us as well.
In terms of the number of things we did, it was bang on. We were busy without being flat out, which meant the boys were able to get themselves together. No dramas at all. Thanks for your help, I’m pleased with what we achieved.
Craig Simeon - Queenstown Stag Do - Airport Transfers, Luxury Penthouse Accommodation, Restaurant Meal, Pub Crawl, VIP Strip Club Experience, Chef cooked Breakfast in Accommodation, Private Jet Boat Ride, Private Party Boat Cruise, Private Whiskey Bar with Topless Hostesses, Sunday full Cooked Breakfast.

"Everything went really well. All the guys loved it. Everything was very smooth and seamless which was great. There is nothing I would change.
Cheers for your help. I will highly recommend you to anyone else. Thanks again."
Ben Finch - Taupo Stag Do - BYO Boat Cruise, Fishing, Clay Shooting, Topless Hostess & Strip Show, Mean BBQ Feed, Bungy for the Stag & Hole in 1 Challenge.

"Yea everything was awesome, would definitely recommend this to friends."
Adam Blundell - Auckland Stag Do - BYO Boat Cruise, Topless Hostess & XXX Strip Show.

"Yep good times. Thanks for organizing. The boat trip was brilliant. There were a lot of broken boys on Sunday that’s for sure."
Alastair Cairney - Taupo - Boat Cruise, Fishing, Topless Hostess & Strip Show.

"Yea a great day thanks. I think we have 29 blokes dedicating a dry couple of months until the wedding. Wellington wins again!! Bowls was good. Bloody hot! Dinner at Residence was ideal and the rippers were spot on. No complaints!"
Andy Barrett - Wellington Stag Do - Bus Transport, Lawn Bowls, Restaurant Meal, Strip Show.

"It was awesome! Everything went well, except being uninvited from the wedding for approximately 24 hours due to the stag chipping a bunch of his teeth somehow while rafting, all good though he got them all repaired and I got my invite back. The rafting was definitely the highlight of the weekend apart from the stripper, she really knew what she was doing, and done it exceptionally well, the dirt bikes were awesome, good guys running it they even had a beer with us afterwards. 
We possibly started the stag drinking too early on Friday, and he was already vomiting by time we got to rotorua, we tried a game of disk golf but got lost and ended up just being a bunch of guys drinking and fighting each other in the bush, by time we got to town he was too far gone and had to cut it short, so Friday was pretty much a write off, the rest of the weekend made up for it well at least. 
Definitely glad I went through you for the booking, seems like it saved a lot of stress with all the changes we had along the way, and ended up an awesome weekend, was definitely worth the anger I had to face from his missus after he injured himself." 

Chris Kerr - Rotorua - Accommodation, White Water Rafting, Dirt Biking, Gourmet Burger & Beers, Strip Show.

"Absolutely awesome weekend, everything was better than expected and organised brilliantly. Cheers."
Ryan Pert -
Queenstown Stag Do - Transport, Penthouse Accommodation, Poker with Topless Dealers, Pub Crawl, Luge, Bungy, White Water Rafting, Evening Meal, Full Cooked Breakfast at Apartment.

"Hi Tim, Had an absolutely awesome weekend. The boat trip exceeded expectations and Dan the skipper was a champion. A massive thanks to BoyzWeekend for some great suggestions and making the whole booking process seamlessly easy.
Thanks heaps again for your help Tim. Much appreciated. Cheers T
T Elaska -
Taupo Stag Do - Party Boat Cruise, Skeet Shooting, Fishing, Topless Hostess, Strip Show, Restaurant Dinner, Accommodation.

"Had a fantastic time, thanks for arranging a great night out.
Geoffory Cheung -
Auckland Stag Do - Jet Boat Ride, Evening Meal, VIP Strip Club Experience.

"Cheers for the mean stag do. The boys all loved it! Would definitely use you guys again to organize any stag do's! Top Quality!!! Sadly, phones were banned for this trip, so this is the only photo taken just before quad biking! Cheers again.
Connor McCormick -
Taupo Stag Do - Paintball, Quad Biking, Accommodation, Restaurant Meal, Strip Show.

"A huge shout out and cheers to Tim from Boyzweekend who helped arrange a cracker of a weekend for the stags last final hurrah. The day was planned with complete precision mate and your help throughout made the day exactly what we were hoping & looking for. Huge effort champ
Tacka Brown - Wellington Stag Do - Transport, Lawn Bowls + Beer + Burger, Topless Hostesses & Strip Show, Beer Ping & Accommodation.

"Yea man it was awesome aye"
Tristan Gordon - Taupo Stag Do - Boat Cruise, Skeet Shooting, Fishing, BBQ, Topless Hostess & Strip Show

"We had a fantastic weekend thanks. All went to plan and the activities were a blast. I’ll see if there’s any suitable images that can be sent!! Ha!
The location for the clay shoot was great – despite me being utterly shite at the sport!!
The weather played ball as well, it was clear for the shooting and golf if not a little windy, but not enough to stop either, the rain came in later on the boat, but we were covered anyway so didn’t cause any problems.
Thanks again."
Simon Perks - Wellington Stag Do - Clay Target Shooting & Golf.

"Thanks for the fantastic service Tim and his team provided for us."
Rory Diver - Taupo Stag Do - Boat Cruise, Skeet Shooting, Fishing, BBQ, Topless Hostess & Strip Show & Accommodation.

"Thank you for all your help organizing Nicks Stag do.... It was a great night and everyone enjoyed it, there was lots of great comments. The bus driver was perfect for a stag do group!! Cheers again"
Terry Lowen - Auckland Stag Do - Transport, Go Karts, Sky Jump, Restaurant Meal, Strip Show & Pub Crawl.

"Everything went well on saturday night and i didn't have any complaints from any of my group.
Kelly did a awesome job and the service that they provided made the night! As for the strippers, did not expect a show like that.... very good!! the boys are still talking about it!!
Thanks for providing a great service. Regards"
Stephen Heap - Auckland Stag Do - Boat Cruise & Strippers.

"I wanted to thank you for the great time we had last wednesday on Chris's bachelorparty. Your careful planning really made sure we had a great day."
Robbert Kooiman - Auckland Stag Party - Transport, Clay Bird Shooting, Cooking Class, Topless Hostess, Strip Club & Pub Crawl.

"We had an absolutely fantastic weekend.  Everything went completely according to plan, the boat was great, the girls were obviously good, the apartment was perfect and most importantly the Stag had a wicked time!
Ended up having dinner at a BYO Thai restaurant where the groom ended up falling through a table (he did get the managers permission to stand on it the first place)… Was very funny.
Lost a couple of guys throughout the night but managed to find them again just in time to leave…
All in all a great time!
Thanks for all the help in organising it, really appreciate your work. Cheers"
Peter Norris - Auckland / Waiheke Stag Do - Boat Cruise, Strippers, Transport & Accommodation.

"Just emailing to say all went very well and everyone was stoked with the service and smooth running of the whole thing, so thanks heaps."
Nick Jones - Taupo Stag Do - Boat Cruise, Skeet Shooting, Fishing, BBQ, Topless Hostess & Strip Show.

"The stag party went well and all the guys had a great time."
Jeremy Silcock - Auckland Stag Party

"Just a quick email to say thanks. The weekend was brilliant and everything ran smoothly and as planned. Can't speak highly enough about Ian and the transfers, he even went out of his way and took us to a great pub on the way back. Cheers"
Jason Thickett - Auckland Stag Do - Transport, Clay Shooting, Restaurant Meal, Strippers, Pub Crawl & Go Karts.

'Just wanted to email and say all went well.... shooting was awesome, I highly recommend it. Dale the host was a real character and made the shooting a real laugh. His setup is top notch and worth every penny.
Cheers for the assistance in setting it all up. Regards, Cam"
Cam Boyde -
Auckland Stag Do - Clay Bird Shooting.

"Girls were awesome, night was good, all the boys loved the girls hostessing, great company.... Strip show was good, delt out some good bruises very funny..... Cheers for everything. Best regards"
Tim Griffin -
Whangamata Stag Do - Hostesses & Strip Show.

"The boat cruise on the Auckland harbour was awesome, and Kelly the captain was very accommodating. The strippers wow! they were great! the boys were still talking about them at the wedding haha and it turned out the stag new one!"
Hamish Laurenson -
Auckland Stag Party - Party Cruise, Strip Show.

"Yea mate everything went well, all the lads enjoyed themselves.
Made the stag dress up as a baby!, made him play in playgrounds with other kids, plenty of public around to humiliate him. Interacted with a lot of public for his tasks which made it extremely funny to watch… everyone was pretty drunk by the end of it but well behaved at the same time, group split up by the 3rd pub, but still all managed to meet at the white lady @ 4.30am.
Appreciate all the organising, was a great weekend!"
Jason King - Auckland & Waiheke Stag Do - Waiheke Stag Do Activities, Ferry, Restaurant Meal, Strip Club & Pub Crawl.

"Everything went sweet! We didn't last long on pub crawl, we all hit the wall. Thanks heaps mate will definitely refer you in the future!"
Allan Bunting - Auckland Stag Do - Sky Jump (for stag), Resuaurant Meal & Pub Crawl.

"The weekend ran beautifully! The guys throughly enjoyed themselves and we even had time to fit in skydiving and snowboarding! Penthouse apartment was a highlight as the views were spectacular. We had you suprise beers at both the appt and the rafting, much appreciated and a nice touch.
Rest assured, the next time i organise a boys weekend away it'll be thru you guys!! Regards,"
Jeremy van Krunining - Queenstown Stag Do - Airport Transfers, Penthouse Auccommodation, Pub Crawl, Gondola & Luge, 10 Pin Bowling, White Water Rafting & Lawn Bowls.

The stag was a raving success thanks mate. The boys all loved it, none more-so than the stag. Plenty of highlights along the way and the accommodation was outstanding. 
Can't thank you guys enough for all the hard work you'd put in! Cheers
Simon Keepa - Auckland Stag Weekend - Hotel Accommodation, Skydive (for stag), Bus Pub Crawl, Lawn Bowls & Strip Club.

"Well i finally had to return to work yesterday, wished i could of stayed in NZ. Mate just writing to you to say a massive thank you for all your time and efforts in organising the bucks weekend for us. Everything was spot on and we had no dramas at all. As promised everyone was ready for us and knew we were coming we had no delays with anything and everyone had an awesome time. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you or your business to anyone who is interested.
Once again a massive thanks for an awesome job done."
Rowan McGarrigle - Queenstown Stag Weekend - Airport Transfers, Backpacker Accommodation, Skiing & Snow Boarding, Gondola & Luge & Pub Crawl.

"Everyone had a great time….no doubt a few sore heads on Sunday, but definitely everyone was pretty happy. Karts were great, and playing bowls in the sun with some beers was good way to start of the night. Thanks again for the help Tim! Cheers."
Phil Govorko - Auckland Stag Do - Go Karts & Lawn Bowls.

"What an awesome day - still recovering.
Go Karting. These karts are amazing and everyone loved them. The A1 GP race format works really well and creates plenty of banter. It is also the right amount of racing as the body couldn't do much more. It did take quite a long time (which was good). We were there at 11.30 and didn't leave until 1.45.
Pool. Great place for a few hours. The guys there do a great tournament and provide a few prizes. They only do beer, wine and premixed drinks (no hard liquor) which is great so stop people getting carried away. Entertainment works well in their back room.
Entertainment - brilliant - boys were extremely happy! Paid for a $60 upgrade to. Money well spent.
Bus - excellent value. The bus driver was very accommodating and the boys had a blast on the bus!   
All in all I was extremely happy with how the day went and everyone loved it.
Thank you very much for your help with everything, you made it very easy and it was a great experience. I will be recommending you to anyone I hear thinking about organising events."
Adam Crane - Auckland Stag Do - Go Karts, Pool Comp, Strippers & Party Bus.

"We all had an awesome time. The weather wasn't bad at all compared to what we're getting in Melbourne right now. The guys loved the 4x4 adventure. And for the bar hopping, we stayed longer at Hush Hush so we never got to go to the last two bars. Bungy was a good experience. And what topped it off was the perfect timing that Aus and NZ were playing the Sunday night.
Everything was set so all we needed to do was rock up to the activities
The buck was really grateful for organising the trip and the guys kept thanking me for organising it but it wouldn't have been a success if it weren't for your business.
I will definitely recommend you to friends who plan a trip to NZ . Even for myself, I'm planning on another weekend to Queenstown this time, in the near future. I will keep in touch if that plan goes ahead.
Once again thank you to BoyzWeekend for making the trip truly a boys weekend."
Michael Hallorina - Auckland Stag Do - Airport Transfers, Backpacker Accommodation, 4x4 Quad Bike Adventure, Pub Crawl, Strippers & Bungy, Beer & Burger deal.

"The night was awesome, no hiccups with anything other than the stag getting too chopped and having to be taken home pretty early, but everyone carried on in his honour. I think pretty much the last thing he remembers is the sky jump which he enjoyed.
Thanks for organizing it all on short notice."
Chris Roberts - Auckland Stag Do - Sky Jump (for stag), Pub Crawl & Strippers.

"Well we had an absolutely fantastic time, everything ran smoothly and I received major kudos from all the attendees. Just wanted to thank you and the team at Boyz Weekend for making the Stag do a painless exercise. Was great to hand over the reigns and only worry about payment instead of organising every little thing.
Thanks again mate, I've got quite a few stag do's coming up this year and I'll make sure I recommend you guys to the rest of the boys."

"Strippers were fantastic, both extremely hot. Had a look at the photos prior to them turnng up and they dont do them justice at all. All the boys were drooling all over themselves. They treated the stag to a few different treats. Got him to skull a bottle of heineken which was between one of their legs while the other was hooking up with her & that was the tip of the iceberg... Dildos, ice, whips, baby oil..... Have to admit their gymnist skills were quite honed, a few flips onto the stag etc. Would definately recommend them mate, everyone had a smile from ear to ear when they were finished."
Chris Brebner

"Yeah man it was a good day/night everyone had a good time and the weather was perfect.  The party bus was cool everyone got pretty roudy and had a good time.  I think the driver would be happy as we left quite a bit of piss and a chilli bin on the bus, but all good."
Cheers for your help Tim, was a good time
Jamie Clark

"Firstly, wanted to say, we had a great time, especially the sailing. We will definitely, be booking more trip's with you guys and recommending others to use BoyzWeekend as well."

"Great weekend and goodtimes had by all.   Thanks for all your help and you might hear from me again the next time the girls decided to let us out."

“The stag do was awesome. The stripper’s were hot, the bars were all awesome and everyone loved the clay shooting. Everyone had an awesome time. Cheers for your help.” 
Haydn Marks

“To the BoyzWeekend team. WOW that was easy. Dave is getting married next year…. See you then.” 
Dom Tower

“We had a blast dudes. The stripper was amazing. Thanks for everything.” 
Tommy Eades

“What a night it was! Scarlett was awesome. She performed very well and was a definite crowd pleaser.  I will recommend her and BoyzWeekend to any one of my mates any time :)
Thank you for all your help Tim and from your Team as well. You'll be hearing from me soon.” 
Tana Sue

“Had a great night, we all got smashed!! A few highlights included 2 for 1 drink’s & Scarlett (of course). Thanks guys.” 
Andy Greenwood

“I found Boyz Weekend on the internet, and gave them a call to help plan a mate’s stag party. All I had to do was tell them how many guys, and how much we wanted to spend, they sorted out the rest. They organised us a hot stripper (really hot), and a bus to take us on a pub crawl. We got drink specials at every bar we went to, it was F#$%ING awesome!!!
The best thing was I didn't have to organise a thing. A few emails and it was done. Cheers guys.” 
Mike Jaksic

“We had a great weekend but feeling it today! Well organised thanks for all your help.” 
Jason Hennessy

“The golf course was in perfect condition, it was a brilliant idea having the promo girls driving around handing out beer. The Mechanical Bull was also awesome. It was hot competition from the start. You guys rule. Thanks again.
Patrick Shirley

“Thanks guys, all the lads had a blast. I will be recommending you to all comers.” 
Frank Blake

“The activities were awesome, the hotel was perfect and the staff extremely accommodating and the night life was everything you said it was. Thanks again.” 
Dean Pritchard

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