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Why BoyzWeekend?

So why would you want to book with BoyzWeekend?
The answer to that is simple. We are blokes and we know exactly what blokes LOVE.

  • We love WOMEN. They are the primary reason we get out of bed in the morning, they are the most powerful force in a bloke’s life. 
  • We love SPORT. Ever noticed that when there’s nothing on TV you will always end up watching the sport over, Oprah or Days of our lives. “Did ya see the game on the weekend Jono? What a little ripper, that bloody…………”
  • We love CARS. Almost every man would be able to tell you the fastest car he has ever driven, the wildest road he has ever traveled and the first car he dreamed of owning. There’s just something about the roar of a big V8 or the sweet exhaust note of a performance-built European car that sends a bloke’s cerebral cortex into overdrive.
  • We love PARTYING. We love partying because it holds a certain amount of social acceptability when playing the fool. It also gives us the opportunity to convince any female that will listen of our sporting/pool playing/anything vaguely physical prowess.

1. We do not charge anything for booking amendments
We do not charge for alterations to your booking after it has been confirmed. When organising a group event it is inevitable that you may need some alterations after you have paid a deposit. We understand this and unlike most other companies, we do not charge you for any amendments provided. We are not charged by the supplier. Other companies charge up to $90 per person for every single alteration to booking.

2. Total Customisation
Unlike other companies, everything we do is totally customised to meet your exact needs. All our quotes contain an extremely high level of detail about everything that will be included in your package, so you know exactly what you are paying for.

3 . We only use the very best suppliers and we test them out!!
We only use the very best suppliers in any one area. There are a minefield of suppliers out there all offering similar types of activities and they vary in quality. We refuse point blank to work with suppliers who provide sub-standard quality activities, cannot provide valid insurance documentation, or are just plain miserable gimps! There are numerous other companies out there who will simply put you wherever makes them the most money. With us, at the end of the day you get what you pay for!!



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